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Mobilnova Media Center for TomTom Christmas sale: loads of media on your TomTom this Christmas

Mobilnova is offering Media Center for TomTom for a limited time for €25, giving a discount of €5 off the usual price, which is a solid 20%.

Visit Mobilnova.com for your discount!

Mobilnova Media Center for TomTom 20% Christmas sale:  media on your TomTom this Christmas

Short link to this page  http://wp.me/poiBv-z

Announcing Mobilnova PDF reader: a new cool feature of Media Center

The sale time is over, alas, but we have an announcement of  new cool feature for our users: a PDF reader on your TomTom.

Powered, of  course,  by Media Center for TomTom you can now view PDF files on the go. You can scroll pdf documents with fingerflicks, almost iPhone experience on your TomTom : )  Media Center is improving with every release!

More on this later.

TomTom releases new firmware and silently drops SDK support

TomTom has released new firmware 8.2 and 8.3 for the newer models. This firmware breaks old SDK support. This made Media Center to stop function with those newer firmwares. We’ve contacted TomTom for clarification and got an answer was that the SDK is discontinued. While they made a statement sometime last year about dropping the SDK, they did not send this information via usual channels, so this was a bit of surprise.  Now they even cannot agree on when the SDK is discountinued, qutoing both 2006 and 2007 : )

Nevertheless, we’ve solved the problem and actully just re-wrote half of SDK ourselves basing on TomTom provided interface description and now Media Center supports all TomTom firmwares and devices again

Welcome to the official Mobilnova blog

Writing the first post is really easy, look )

Finally, we are starting what we should have done a long time ago: the Mobilnova blog.  It will serve as our voice for the community and will inform about new ideas, features and of course discounts : )

We will try to keep the tone accessible and easy to communicate to your friends , family and other fortunate Mobilnova users across the world.

If you have a comment or suggestion or found an error in the post of please write a comment and we will respond in kind. Mind that all comments will be moderated.